September 10, 2013

Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the bloggers of  The Broke and the Bookish. This week we're discussing ten books we'd love to see made into a movie or television show. Since one of my greatest disappointments in seeking films or shows to watch is the lack of solid fantasy stories, I'm going to specifically note some fantasy novels I would love to be adapted for the screen.

Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix Vampires and zombies have both had plenty of appearances made on the big screen; I think it's high time to see another side of the supernaturally undead in the necromancers who are forced to control them. This trilogy also features a clash between magical old ways and more modern times, which is pretty popular right now. And isn't Mogget just the coolest cat-like trapped demon ever?
The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander — This quintet would make one heck of an excellent mini-series. The story of Assistant Pig-Keeper Taran who rises to become the eventual king over all of Prydain is already beloved by older generations. By turning towards television, Alexander's story can become loved by a new generation.
Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith — I read on her blog that Sherwood Smith is actually a screenwriter and would therefore be able to script the film if rights ever got bought. I'm fine with beloved books being adapted for film as long as they're well done, and who better to write the screenplay than the author herself? Plus Crown Duel is such a fun fantasy.
Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray — I'll admit that the main reason I want to see this trilogy turn into a film is because the scenery would be amazing. I had such an easy time seeing these books in my mind, and visuals are some of the most important aspects of a film. Oh, and for the pretty dresses.
Graceling by Kristin Cashore — I'd love to see Fire and Bitterblue turned into films as well, but I think that Graceling could stand alone as a great high fantasy that features a protagonist who not only can wield weapons,  but who regularly makes decisions regarding her sexuality, needs, and establishes a power that is all her own.
His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman  Technically The Golden Compass was already adapted as a movie not that long ago. But the movie, while okay, didn't really capture the essence of Pullman's series, and to actually appreciate the scope and brilliance of Pullman's work, the entire trilogy needs to be adapted into film form.
The Lost Years of Merlin series by T.A. Barron — This would make an excellent television series for middle graders, in my opinion. And for those adults like me who love a good fantasy. I mean, it's about freaking Merlin, King Arthur's mentor, and the years he spent learning about his destiny on the magical island of Fincayra.
Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder — The premise and political intrigue it inspires make this story well worth consideration as a film. Yelena is a heroine whose life is constantly on the line, working as a poison tester for her nation's leader and defending herself against political enemies. She's actually guilty of the crime she is sentenced for, so the story even toys with notions of morality.
The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater — The story itself is already incredibly atmospheric, and I'd love to see it brought to life through a film. Just like the book, the film's visuals would carry most of the story. And, really, who doesn't want to see what a water horse race would look like?
Any and all of Tamora Pierce's Tortall series books — I'll be a little more specific and say that Alanna's story should be the first one turned into a film. Or mini-series. Or television show. I'm not picky. It was the one that started everything. All of Pierce's heroines really deserve to reincarnated through movies, as they are some of the most multifaceted heroines I've ever read.

What are some fantasy novels you think are just begging to be made into films or television shows? And please link me up to your lists!
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  1. Great choices! The Tortall books were the definite #1 on my list. I've been wanting them to be adapted for about ten years now... GET ON IT, HOLLYWOOD!

  2. I think the Gemma Doyle Trilogy would make SUCH a good movie! I love that thought! Also, The Scorpio Races would be stunning as a film, though I'd be terrified they'd screw up the cast. Also, Graceling is supposed to be getting made into a film, though not a lot of information is out. It is being picked up for a movie, though, so I hope it's done well!

  3. I'd love to see His Dark Materials made into films. I don't count The Golden Compass, since it looked rubbish, and I figure it was rubbish since they didn't make the other books into films!

    Here's my list.


  4. I would also love to the entire His Dark Materials series made into good films. I still need to read the Gemma Doyle books, but I've heard great things. Great list!
    Natflix&Books' TTT

  5. I thought I'd heard that Graceling had been optioned? Or did I make that up?

    Anyway, totally forgot about the Gemma Doyle books! I loved those and agree that the scenery would be amazing, particularly the contrast between Gemma's English life and what takes place in the Realms.

    ~Merin @ Read and Reviewed~

  6. I would love to see water hourses! The Scorpio Races is such a good book. I also think Graceling would be such a great movie. Very nice list!

  7. I actually haven't read a single book that you've mentioned, oh the shame! But Kristin Cashore's series and Maggie Stiefvater's The Scorpio Races have definitely been on my to read list for sometime. I hope some of these books get optioned for movies soon!

  8. Great idea to focus on fantasy! I would love to see the Gemma Doyle books, and anything by Kristin Cashore or Maggie Stiefvater adapted, especially the two titles you mentioned.

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  10. Oh my goodness! I didn't even THINK to put The Scorpio Races on my list, but now I'm mad at myself because that would be such an amazing movie. I'd love to see the water horses and this slow burn romance on the big screen!


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