My Reviews

It is my policy to give honest and substantive book reviews on Late Nights with Good Books. I do not believe I'm doing the authors, publishers, readers, or myself a favor by posting reviews that only highlight a book's positive aspects. I'm of opinion that giving books the highest praise possible should be an infrequent occurrence. I believe that no book is perfect, and so I want to be able to give both concrete positive feedback and constructive criticism.

I primarily focus on character development, plot, and world-building in my reviews. However, my reviews are very much dependent on the book and how it affected me, so there is not a specific formula that I apply for each and every review. 

All reviews will be posted on both my blog and my Goodreads account.

Review Requests

Authors and publishers, please continue reading my request policies before sending me any review requests.

This is an adult and young adult book review blog, with a smattering of middle grade books thrown in as well. In general, however, I am not as interested in reading books written for children or younger teens; I like my protagonists to be a little more mature.

My preferred reading genre is fantasy. Of all the fantasy subgenres, my favorite is high fantasy although I enjoy reading most other fantasy subgenres as well (historical, steampunk/gaslamp, urban, etc.). Depending on my mood, I will also read historical fiction, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, science fiction, paranormal, contemporary, and general fiction. I will not accept any books marketed as romance, nor any non-fiction titles.  

I encourage you to take a look at some of my most recent entries to see what I've been reading recently - those should give you a better understanding of my blog and my reading preferences than this one post can!

Publishers and authors, I would be more than happy to consider requests for review. If you'd like me to consider your book, please feel free to contact me at latenightswithgoodbooks@gmail.com with information about the book, author, and any other relevant information. In terms of format, I can read either hard copies or digital copies through my Kindle (no PDFs will be accepted). 

For upcoming book releases, I will plan on having the review posted around the publication date. Otherwise I keep a first-come first-serve list of all books to be read in the future.

Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email.