February 21, 2014

Ready to Become a Fan of...Rachel Neumeier

Ready to Become a Fan of... focuses on those authors new and old whose works I have every intention of eventually reading, but haven't been able to devote the time to just yet. By discussing authors and their works that I'm sure I'll love, given the chance, hopefully I can be more easily compelled to take the next step in not simply acquiring one of their books, but actually taking the time to read it.

This month I'm putting on record that I am ready to become a fan of Rachel Neumeier.

About the author:
Rachel Neumeier is the author of seven fantasy novels for adult and young adult readers, including House of Shadows and The Floating Islands. Her most recent novel, Black Dog, was published by Strange Chemistry this past February 4. She has a fairly active presence on her website and various social media platforms.
Work I'm most looking forward to reading:
Lord of the Changing Winds (The Griffin Mage trilogy)

Fire fell from their wings, and the ground beneath them burned …

The desert winds have come to the village of Minas Ford. Griffins, creatures of fire, have appeared in a burning haze – searing the sky a blinding white and scorching the earth to parched, barren sand. These majestic beasts, half-lion, half-eagle, spread the arid desert wherever they roam.

Iaor, the King of Feierabiand, will not tolerate the destruction of his people’s farmland. He means to drive the griffins from his domain – whether by negotiation or brute force.

But not all those who encounter the griffins fear them. Kes, a timid village girl, is summoned to heal the King of the Griffins himself. She will discover her affinity with these creatures, and come to realise that the menace they flee is even more deadly than the blazing fires of the desert. (Goodreads)

Why this author & this work:
I first heard about Rachel Neumeier when House of Shadows was published in 2012. I was so interested in the sound of that story: a high fantasy supposedly filled to the brim with political intrigue. And as more people began discussing Neumeier’s latest work, that inevitably led to mentions of her other novels, all fantasies as far as I can tell.  

It’s not an understatement to say that I was surprised - and pleased - to find a new author who writes novels in my favorite genre. After looking into her published works, I think I’m actually most interested in reading Neumeier’s The Floating Islands. The synopsis and reviews I’ve read of it promise adventure, girls masquerading as boys, and dragons. I clearly am meant to read that story, and I will. Eventually.

Outside of the synopsis here for Lord of the Changing Winds and the knowledge that it is written by a seemingly well-respected fantasy author, I haven’t heard much about that story. Except, apparently, that it features griffins, which is pretty awesome. I picked Lord of the Changing Winds as my introduction to Neumeier’s works first and foremost because I own the omnibus ebook edition. (Nothing better than binge-reading a fantasy series, right?) It will be nice to have even more of an incentive to read books I already own, rather than going out to buy or borrow new ones. Even more than that, however, I am excited about the fact that I know next-to-nothing about this book. Since I started blogging and carefully deciding what books to spend my time reading, I’ve lost the opportunity to go into a new book with few preconceived notions.

While it’s nice sometimes to have at least slight knowledge beforehand about the book I am going to read, I miss reading a book blind, being unfettered by expectations. And what better way is there for me to get back into reading blind than with a high fantasy? I have high hopes that Neumeier will become another fantasy author for me to adore.

For those of you who've already read some of Rachel Neumeier’s works, I'd appreciate hearing what you think about them. For those who also haven't read her works yet, let me know what's been holding you back!

Ready to Become a Fan of... is an original feature of Late Nights with Good Books.
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  1. I've read two of Neumeier's books and I loved them both. I read House of Shadows and The Floating Islands, two of her stand-alones, though I definitely need to pick up this trilogy soon. I think you'll thoroughly enjoy her work, Amanda, and cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she an extremely lovely individual, but her book recommendations have never steered me wrong either. I can't wait for you to discover her work! :D

    1. I remember reading your reviews of her two books. They definitely helped encourage me to feature Neumeier this month. :)
      And ooh I'll have to look into her book recommendations. You can never have too many good recommendations to deal with!
      I'll have to let you know when I start one of her books, Keertana!


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