September 16, 2014

Top Authors I've Only Read One Book From But Need to Read More From Soon

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the BookishThis week we are discussing those authors we've read only one book from so far, but fully intend on reading more from in the near future.
Author: Julie Berry 
Book read: All the Truth That's in Me
Why: I cannot properly explain how in awe I am of Berry's All the Truth That's in Me. It's short, beautiful, and has such a strong lasting power. I'll try anything by Berry, but I love the sound of her fairy-tale-esque MG novels.
Next pick: Secondhand Charm

Author: Sarah Dessen
Book read: Just Listen
Why: To be honest, I was not in love with Dessen's Just Listen. But I read it towards the beginning of my return to YA lit and book blogging. Having gained a bit more appreciation for YA contemporaries, there's no way I won't give Dessen another try.
Next pick: The Truth About Forever


Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Book read: Vessel
Why: Vessel reads like a work of mythology and deals with some complex questions related to identity and purpose. It also features my favorite fantasy trope of all time: the Chosen One. Durst has such an eclectic array of books that I'll have to make sure I'm not expecting another book similar to this one, though.
Next pick: Ice

Author: Kate Elliott
Book read: Cold Magic
Why: I need some more well done steampunk in my life. Besides the fact that the worldbuilding is amazing, I loved how Cold Magic emphasizes the friendship of Cat and Bee above all else. I definitely need to continue with this series!
Next pick: Cold Fire


Author: Kody Keplinger
Book read: The DUFF
Why: Despite it not sounding like the sort of book I tend to prefer, I had a feeling that I'd love The DUFF. And I was right. I loved Bianca and Wesley and how true the story rang. I want Keplinger to be my go-to YA contemporary author.
Next pick: A Midsummer's Nightmare


Author: N.K. Jemisin
Book read: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Why: Political intrigue. Living, breathing gods. A fantasy where nearly all of the characters are POCs. Need I go on? Yeine is a truly admirable heroine, and I'm a bit sad the rest of the series is companion novels, but I need to read more Jemisin soon.
Next pick: The Broken Kingdoms

Author:Jandy Nelson
Book read: The Sky is Everywhere
Why: Maybe this is cheating because Nelson only has two books now, the second of which comes out today. But I don't care. Reading The Sky is Everywhere was an absolutely magical experience and I can't wait to feel the same way about her new book.
Next pick: I'll Give You the Sun

Author: Liza Palmer
Book read: Nowhere But Home
Why: I'm still a bit surprised by how much I loved Nowhere But Home. Reading it confirmed that I need to have some more adult fiction in my life, and what better place to start than with an adult fiction author I already like?
Next pick: Seeing Me Naked

Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Book read: The Scorpio Races
Why: I'm kind of embarrassed that I've only read one book of Stiefvater's. Which I loved. (Seriously, what's wrong with me?) And with all the hype currently surrounding Blue Lily, Lily Blue, it just makes sense to start her The Raven Cycle.
Next pick: The Raven Boys


Author: Sara Zarr
Book read: How to Save a Life
Why: How to Save a Life was a really powerful book that resonated so well with certain real-life situations of mine that I couldn't help but love it. (But it also was just really well done.) I'm eager to read more of Zarr's works and see if they too can affect me so deeply.
Next pick: The Lucy Variations 

Let me know which authors you hope to read more from soon!
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Amanda loves few things better than sitting down with a cup of tea and a book. She frequently stays up far too late, telling herself she just needs to finish one more page. When she's not wrapped up in the stories of others, Amanda works as a children's librarian in a public library.


  1. I really enjoy Keplinger, Jemisin, and Zarr's books—and all the books you plan to read next from them are some of my favorites. A Midsummer's Nightmare is definitely my favorite by Keplinger, and The Lucy Variations made me love it even though its plot wasn't something I would normally love.

    Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

  2. Lol, some of these authors go on my I haven't read any but need to list! (Like, I own Nowhere but Home but still haven't read it...) YES to reading more Durst and Stiefvater. All of Dursts' books are so different, and I'm obsessed with The Raven Cycle atm. I JUST finished my first Berry book yesterday! Read her upcoming Scandalous Sisterhood and loved it. I need to read more of her backlog now too!

  3. I need to read some books by Maggie Stiefvater and Sarah Dessen. I own a good many of their books (mainly because I got them really cheap, it's a problem i know) but I just haven't made myself sit down and read them yet. Great list!

  4. I didn't like The DUFF that much... but it didn't scare me away from the idea of reading more by Keplinger. I just keep forgetting to get to them! As for Sarah Dessen, my fav is Lock and Key. And I love Sara Zarr but have not read The Lucy Variations yet either!! I need to do that soon! Great List!!!

    My TTT

  5. Zarr's Story of a Girl is short but no less excellent (also her debut, so rather unknown in the backlog of her work!) and you definitely need to get on The Raven Boys, Seeing Me Naked, A Midsummer's Nightmare, The Truth About Forever, and Cold Fire. (COLD FIRE THOUGH. It's seriously one of my favorite fantasy books ever!) Ice was quite good, not bad, and I need to get on both I'll Give You the Sun and The Lucy Variations myself. OH, and don't forget Palmer's More Like Her--it's my favorite of her books. Wonderful list, Amanda, and I hope you get to these soon! :)

  6. Ditto to Sarah and Maggie! Great list!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  7. So, I just read The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry and recommend it! It's really different from All the Truth That's In Me, but I still had so much fun reading it. And I really love Stiefvater's Raven Cycle, so I definitely recommend reading those soon!

  8. Ah, I must admit that I have only read one book of Maggie Stiefvater's as well! Also, The Scorpio Races and I absolutely loved that book so hard. So it is surprising that I haven't gotten to The Raven Boys yet. I have a good feeling that we'll both like it when we do eventually find time to read it!

    Sara Zarr, Kody Keplinger, Sarah Dessen, and Jandy Nelson - all contemporary authors and I've read not one of their books! That's pretty bad, but I hope to change that soon because you really do make their writing sound wonderful (with the exception of Sarah Dessen... hopefully your next SD read will be a winner for you!).


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